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Book and textbook exchange made easy

Designed and developed for York University

The Problem.

The process to be able to resell your used textbooks and the act of purchasing used textbooks is broken. It is quite hard for students to maneuver and a simpler way should exist. Many students rely on classified sites like kijiji and craigslist and have to meet off campus, with strangers and go out of their way to conduct at often times; a difficult transaction.

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Our Solution.

At the core of Book X-Change is the MEAN stack - a JavaScript software stack for building dynamic web sites and web applications, consisting of MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js; the MEAN stack provided a hyper-scalable, efficient, and JavaScript only solution to build Book X-Change from the ground up. With the use of a service-oriented-architecture. We were able to reduce the workload on the client side by pushing all of our application logic to the Node API, not only was this time-efficient, this also allowed for seamless mobile development with NativeScript, a JavaScript mobile framework that retains the speed and functionality of any native application. Book X-Change is secured with a JWT solution. JSON Web Tokens is an industry standard RFC-7519 method for representing claims securely between two parties; protecting the API as well as our users. Book X-Change lives on the cloud. We use AWS EC2 to host the API and AWS S3 for the Angular application and static files such as book images, and profile pictures.

The Result.

Getting to class.

A solution so simple and beautiful to use that students were raving about how fast it was to now buy or sell their book. We are still working on what else users would like, but our beta test was quite successful.

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